The Youth Space is an innovative and exciting youth service provider based on the Redcliffe Peninsula in the Moreton Bay Region.  We specialise in working with young people between the ages of 10 and 25.

We’re a locally grown and locally owned community organisation that works primarily in the community of Redcliffe (the Redcliffe Peninsula), but we also conduct outreach and events across our region where we’re invited to do so.  A couple of examples of that are our award-winning North Lakes Project which was a three year outreach intervention into the community of North Lakes to combat issues of racism and violence, and our SURGE Sk8, Scooter and BMX event which we have run here in Redcliffe and up at Bribie Island.  We also consult at the national level upon request on issues relating to young people, and on how to establish and maintain a successful youth service – and those requests come through surprisingly often!

As hinted at above, the Youth Space is a multiple award winner, having won awards for our education programs, our crime prevention projects and the way we work in to support businesses.

Many members of our team are also multiple award winners for their work supporting young people.

With the always changing nature of government funding, youth services rely on the support of businesses and private donors more and more these days – and the Youth Space is always looking to build mutually beneficial partnerships with the business community and individuals who are looking for an opportunity to invest in young people.

We don’t just take money, but actively work to build a partnership so the donor/sponsor gets something back that is of use to them.  We’re always open to those conversations and will always be guided by our ethical principles as an organisation, when establishing some sort of business relationship or partnership.

Yes.  We have turned down money in the past because people have wanted us to compromise our values.  You gotta walk your talk.  :o)

If you’re interested in supporting our organisation, it’s easy.  Do some research on us – most of the information is encapsulated here on our website.  You can also check us out on facebook at, twitter at or via Instagram by searching for @TheYouthSpace.  Why research us?  Well, if you’re going to give us money you should check out what we do and whether or not we are a group you would feel good about donating to.  We’re proud of our work.  For a small, locally grown youth service, we’ve come a long way.  Programs we have designed have ended up overseas, and been duplicated nationally.  We’ve been mentioned on the floors of both state and federal parliaments for our innovation and multiple success stories.  We might be local, but our focus in across our region because it’s not wise to just invest in your own community.  You should be investing in those communities around you because as we’ve said elsewhere on our website, we’re all in this together.

If you would like to donate, there are two ways to do it:

Send a cheque or money order to:
Redcliffe Area Youth Space
PO Box 18
Queensland 4020

Please make the cheque out to the REDCLIFFE AREA YOUTH SPACE.

Or by direct deposit into our bank account:
Account Name: Redcliffe Area Youth Space Management Committee Incorporated (we know, that’s a REALLY long account name!)
Bank:  Bank of Queensland
BSB:  124 067
Account Number:  10578132

As a reference, please put in DONATION so when we’re doing our bank reconciliation every month, and when the auditors are auditing our organisation, we and they know what’s come from where.  It helps us track all income and expenditure so we can be responsible to the people who have given us financial support.

If you do decide to donate to the Youth Space, please send us an e-mail at to let us know so we can send you a receipt for taxation purposes.  We’d also like to send you a thank you, because… well, donating to a youth service is huge and it should be recognised!

If you are looking at making a sizeable donation, then the first step is to speak with our CEO – Jarryd.  You can contact him on 07 3283 8769.  If he’s not available to take your call, because he’s often out and about at meetings, he will get back to you quickly.

Thanks for taking the time to consider donating money to our organisation.

We deeply appreciate it.