15 Mar. 2012

It’s time for an update!

It’s time for our regular update for our official website. Our Facebook page is updated daily and is gathering heaps of likes and lots of great comments – which is awesome! Big thank you to everyone who is a part of that. :o) If you’re interested in checking us out on Facebook click the fancy link thingy and it’s take you there for a look: fancy link thingy!

So why have we been so busy? We’ve had lots on!

Firstly, the huge Skate Park Upgrade that’s been going on for a while is now complete and the results are amazing. Everyone loves it and we’ve heard so many great comments from the BMXers, Skateboarders and Scooter riders! We’ve even seen a few people in roller-blades visiting the park and we haven’t seen many roller-bladers at the Reddy Skate Park in a LONG time.

The Youth Space wants to give a BIG thank you to all of the people who made the upgrade possible: Councillor Rae Frawley, the guys at Moreton Bay Regional Council – especially Rick Kelly, Naomi Rayward and Brendan Arthur, Chris Bierton of Core Operations, the builder dudes who were great, and most importantly… the young people who took our suggestions of doing a petition and went out there and collected hundreds of signatures to support the park upgrade. SPECTACULAR! We’re so proud of you guys. So is the community! The upgrade and the efforts of our young people even made the front page of the paper!

What else has been going on?

Our amazing Green Army guys also made it into the paper today (24.08.2011) for their OUTSTANDING work re-vegetating and undertaking conservation work around the Redcliffe Peninsula in collaboration with the awesome guys from Moreton Bay Regional Council.

This group of young people WORKED THEIR YOU KNOW WHAT’S OFF and created some amazing change in areas that were run down, or had been misused (illegally) by Dirt Bikers and 4WDrivers.

If you want to check that article out – click on this nifty link right here!

Also, we just completed the Youth Workers Retreat, which was many months in the making. The Redcliffe Area Youth Space’s Manager created the Retreat idea way back in 2008, and in 2009 the Youth Space hosted the very first one for the region – it was a massive success. The Retreat was designed to be every two years (biennial), and when the two year mark rocked around again Council asked the Youth Space to host it just one more time. And we did. And it was awesome!

The Retreat is all about supporting professional Youth Workers in the Moreton Bay Regional to better support young people. People who attended the Retreat received training from some of the best in the business in youth mental health, alternative education, homelessness, faith and working in the secular world, drug and alcohol education and heaps more. There were also a lot of workshops on self care – boundaries, reflective practice, yoga, Tai Chi… even Zumba! The Retreat was just a great experience and everyone loved it! Thanks to all of those services who helped out and sent people along. Big thank you to Naomi Rayward, Howard Buckley (Deception Bay Community Youth Programs) and our very own Manager Jarryd Williams for designing up the whole event. Massive thank you to Mitch, Amy W and Jarryd for pulling it all together and setting it all up and making sure it ran smoothly.

The Youth Space is also heavily involved in something called the Collaborative Action Group which is all about making things better in our region for young people. The CAG is massively important, because Community Services are always at the mercy of government agendas, and those agendas change. We need to be able to advocate for the issues we know are important to the young people we work with, and the CAG gives us a united voice that lets us do it. The CAG is unique, and a lot of people are interested in it. The Youth Space is very proud to be one of the founding members of the CAG along with Deception Bay Community Youth Programs, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre, Youth Outreach Service, Intercept Youth and Family Services, Worklinks Inc, and Integrated Family and Youth Services.

So lots of stuff has been going on – what we’ve listed above is just the tip of the iceberg! And every drop of it has been all about young people.

If you want more regular updates, check out our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Laughing

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