11 Sep. 2013

“No More Victims” Campaign Takes Off

During “Child Protection Week” (1st of September to the 7th of September), the Youth Space launched its “No More Victims” Campaign and project – which we have been posting about (a lot) on facebook and Instagram.

Much to our surprise, the campaign kinda took off!  We’ve had repeated calls from print media, various radio stations and even network television, all wanting to focus on this initiative.

To put a little bit more information around it, “No More Victims” is the brain child of our CEO who recently supported one of his dearest friends through one of the most sustained, hideous, and frightening bullying episodes anyone could endure.  It struck him that bullying is more than the child and teenage epidemic we often hear it is, it’s something that pops up at any age.

The Youth Space is big on early intervention initiatives, and we’re so active on social media because we believe in bringing awareness to issues that are of importance to our community.  It became obvious that if we want the workplaces of the future to be better places, if we stop bullying from happening anywhere and everywhere and at any stage of life, we really need to dedicate some energy and effort to hitting the problem on the head by working with children and young people.

“No More Victims” will release a series of videos and other materials.  The creative team behind it is made up of many people – our CEO (Jarryd) who oversees every stage of the project and writes some of the material.  He also produces the various films and gives the big tick to the other materials.  Our Senior Youth Worker (Ben) who directs and films and is one of the main inspirational forces behind what stuff will look like.  Another one of our ridiculously talented Youth Workers (Aaron) who edits all of the materials.  Our Music Therapist (Kassie) who is scoring original music for our videos… and one of our Youth Ambassadors (Monique) who acts in the videos and helps conceptualise them along with a number of our other young people.

“No More Victims” isn’t only about bullying.  It’s the first of five major foci:

– Reduce/Stop bullying;
– Reduce/Stop the supply of alcohol to minors;
– Reduce/Stop the supply of drugs to young people;
– Raise awareness around child prostitution and victimisation in Queensland;
– Raise awareness around the issue of youth homelessness and its impact on the community.

Part of what caused all the media attention this week was a little video that we used to launch “No More Victims”.  It’s a bit visceral, to quote a local reporter who helped raised awareness for the campaign.

Below is a link to the video that started it all.  Please be aware some offensive language does appear on screen.  We apologise for any offence this may cause.  Our intent isn’t to offend, but to give people just a little bit of a taste of the impact of bullying and how deeply it can hurt and affect our children and young people.

“No More Victims” Anti-Bullying Launch Video



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