11 Sep. 2012

One Job a Week

Allen from the Checkpoint Program with Paul from “One Job a Week”  Yes.  Paul is SUPER tall!

Last week, the Youth Space played host to Paul Seymour from the “One Job a Week” Project!

“One Job a Week”?  What’s that, you ask?

It’s a pretty cool idea developed by a young man called Sean Aitken from the United States.  When Sean graduated from college he didn’t know what career he wanted to do and in trying to figure it out, came up with the idea of doing one job a week and the “One Job a Week” Project was born.  Sean decided he would travel the United States trying his hand at one job a week while at the same time raising money for charity – and the rest is history!  You can check out Sean’s story at www.oneweekjob.com.

Sean did all of that back in 2008.  In 2010 he released a book, then a feature length documentary and suddenly the “One Job a Week” Project went global!

In Australia, it’s Paul Seymour who is carrying the “One Job a Week” flag and doing a pretty fantastic job of it, he’s featured in multiple newspapers, on ABC radio, in magazines and on morning television shows (Channel 7).

By the time Paul turned up at the Youth Space, he’d already worked 36 jobs and we were his 37th.

From our perspective, it was a fantastic experience – and Paul proved his worth as a potential Youth Worker on a number of occasions.  He had a natural rapport with our young people (not always an easy task) and he intuitively understood the ethics of our practice and the principles we operate under as a youth service provider.  We seriously think he’d made a brilliant Youth Worker!

If you want to check out Paul’s journey, you can read his blog at http://oneweekjob.com.au.  This week, Paul is in Canberra learning all about landscaping and we can’t wait to see what else he gets up to as he continues to search for that one job he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to!

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