07 Sep. 2012

Our New Site!

It’s a NEW Website!

It’s been a long time coming (which in a way is a good thing – because it means we’ve been super busy doing our jobs), but it’s here!

Welcome to our revamped official website.

Why did we revamp it?

You can blame smartphones, iPads and tablet computers.

V.2 of the website, launched back in 2007, was coded without taking into account the differences in display resolution that can happen when a site is viewed on a smartphone, an iPad or one of the many new tablets on offer in today’s market.  Obviously the site could still be viewed on any device, but maybe not as smoothly as some!

On the advice of our site designer, we committed to a revamp so people could have a better online experience and that’s what you’re looking at right now – so if we’ve done it right, it should show up nicely and look beautiful on whatever device you’re using.

So what’s been happening since the official site has been on hiatus?

LOTS!  Most of it’s been covered on our facebook and Twitter pages, so we won’t bore you with it now – we’ll just make sure we make regular updates  so those of you who aren’t fans of social media can catch up on what we’re doing.

For those of you who are fans of social media, if you haven’t checked us out on facebook go take a look.  We’re posting pretty much every day.  It’s www.facebook.com/TheYouthSpace.

Thanks for joining us back at our official site, we hope you like the new design!

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