Drop-In at the Youth Space

As long as you’re not meant to be in school, you can access the Youth Space to just hang out, or seek support at any time of the day during our opening hours.  We used to restrict Drop-In to after school hours only, however we saw more and more young people needing support outside of school hours.  The only responsible thing we could do was make Drop-In available all day long.  So we did!

If you’re a school student and at the Youth Space before school finishes for the day… you’re kinda truanting (wagging school) and that’s not good and we won’t tolerate that.  If you’ve got some serious stuff going on and you got out of school because you needed to come talk to us, tell us and we’ll help if we can, but if you’re just truanting we’re going to call the school and let them know because that’s what the law requires of us.

So what is Drop In, and what can you do there?

Drop-In is many things, but basically it’s about us being available to you for anything you need.

Drop-In is supervised socialising.  Our Youth Ambassadors run it with our Senior Youth Worker (Ben), and you can hang out and chat, jump on facebook, play the XBox/Playstation, have a game of chess or play some other board game, do some art, look for a job, type up a resume or cover letter, help us out around the centre if you’re up for it, or get help for any issue you’re encountering.

We’ve usually got our basketball hoop out, a football hanging about somewhere, guitars you can play and the table tennis table or Pool table is set up.

It’s a relaxed, safe environment for you.  So long as you obey the rules, you’re welcome.  So come check it out!