Legal Advice, Centrelink & Job Support

Free Legal Advice

The Youth Space hosts a free legal advice service that runs out of the Youth Space every Wednesday night.

The Moreton Bay Regional Community Legal Service runs an appointment based and drop in legal service every Wednesday afternoon and night to support our community.

Appointments can be made for Redcliffe locals between 3:30pm and 5:30pm, and for those who can’t get an appointment or don’t need one, the drop-in service kicks off at 6:30pm and runs through until the last person is seen.  For the drop in service, it’s literally first in, first served.  The amazing volunteers who man the Legal Service’s intake desk ask that you keep track of where you are in the line and then when they get there, they hand out numbers so you can get seen.  The staff turn up at around 6:20/6:30pm but they suggest people who need to see a lawyer start turning up at around 6pm.

Most nights, three lawyers are present to hear your concerns and legal matters, and the guys do an amazing job of getting through everyone in a very decent amount of time.  Most appointments take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Please DO NOT call us to make an appointment.  We don’t have any say over appointments, we simply host the free legal service.  Our only involvement is to lend them our building and to hang around to offer the odd bit of advice when needed – and obviously, that advice is only ever in relation to how community services may be able to help a client.

If you want to book an appointment, please call the Moreton Bay Regional Community Legal Service on 3883 3834.



The Youth Space provides a lot of services for young people, but we can’t provide everything.

Thanks to the federal government’s commitment to being accessible, Centrelink provide an outreach to our service every week.  Every Wednesday Centrelink turn up at the Youth Space for an hour (or more if needed) to be a more accessible point of contact than their main office here in Redcliffe can be (which sadly recently burned down, but we’re assured a new one will be up soon).  Some people find it pretty intimidating to go into a Centrelink Office, which is why Centrelink provide this service to us and other community organisations around the country.

They get that it can sometimes be a bit frustrating having to wait around, and go to a lot of trouble to find other ways to let the community access them.


Open Minds Employment Service

Open Minds Employment Services operate out of the Youth Space every Monday from 9:30am until around 12 lunch time.

To book an appointment with them, please don’t call us – again, we’re just hosting these guys.  Call 5495 0111 to set up a time to come and meet the employment specialists and get the support you need.