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How the shop came to be.

Queensland had been through a lot during 2010/11 summer of disasters that smashed our economy and put the state into quite a bit of financial distress.

As a response to the need to save money, austerity measures were put into place by the government that affected everyone, including the community sector who lost a lot of funding.  When this all started to happen, the Youth Space decided it might be a good idea to advance the timeline on it’s self-sustainability strategy.

Most businesses and community orgs have business plans and strategic plans.  Our business plan and our strat plan both had in their timeline the launch of a series of social enterprises in the 2014/2015 financial year – but when funding started to vanish we fast tracked our plans and launched our first social enterprise in July of 2012.

So what’s a social enterprise?  Well, it’s a business that gives every last cent of its profit to a community organisation or program.  So, Ride Supplies is designed to make profit, but we don’t keep it.  We put it all back into our organisation and its projects.

Our first social enterprise is a shop that caters to one of our niche markets – young people who ride skateboards and scooters.  For those of you who don’t know, we’re co-located with a skate park so the idea just made sense.

We were going to sell BMX stuff too, but in looking around our community we saw two businesses who depended on BMX sales to make a living and under no circumstances were we ever going to create a business that would compete with someone’s business, and risk putting people out of work.  That would be a betrayal of everything we believe in.  In any social enterprise we run, we’ll always seek to fill gaps or enhance what is already out there.  We’ll never seek to put a person out of business.  Small business has it hard… and now that we’ve been running one for a while we know just how hard they work!

When we opened our business in 2012, no one was selling scooter and scooter supplies in Redcliffe except for KMart and they didn’t care what we did.  Scooter sales weren’t a big part of their business.  The only place selling skateboards was a clothing store who didn’t depend on skateboards for their living.  Creating a skate and scooter shop fit with our requirements and filled a gap and made sense.

No doubt if we prove there’s a market we’ll get some competition, but our point of difference is every cent spent in our shop goes to making a young person’s life better – in literally dozens of different ways.  That should be worth a bit of customer loyalty we hope!

Ride Supplies is open six days a week.  Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9:30am to 2:30pm!

So let’s track back a bit.  Ride Supplies was the brainchild of one of our former staff members – Mitch.

Mitch isn’t with us any more because he moved onto his dream job in IT, but he spent a number of months building the business up so it would be ready to hand over to the young people of our community.

Mitch was given a very simple directive from our CEO: “create a social enterprise that fits in with who and what we are as a service, and that doesn’t put any other business out of business”… and after some careful thought and a lot of consultation with local young people, came up with a skate and scooter shop.  Pretty freakin’ clever!




Some of the decks we sell!


Some of the trucks we sell!


An example of one of the scooters we sell!