Young People’s Mentoring Project

For a couple of years the Youth Space tried pretty hard to get up young men’s groups and young women’s groups… but they just didn’t quite work the way we hope they would.  Yep, they attracted people to them.  Yep, they were great… but they didn’t really address the needs we hoped they would address.

So… we started to think a bit laterally and realised that the young people who came to the Youth Space often did so just to hang with us.  Not to be shoved into a group, but to have some quality one on one time with the staff they had come to like and care about.  So, back in 2010 we started doing some intense mentoring with those young people who really needed that extra bit of attention.

The Young People’s Mentoring Program started as a Young Men’s Mentoring Program, but we soon saw the need to make it for both young men and young women.  It started out just being for young men because we were primarily accessed by young men.  Very few young women seemed to need our assistance.  About a year ago, in early 2012, that started to change and we saw (and still see) a lot of young women coming into our service – which is awesome!

The Young People’s Mentoring Program is pretty simple, we do one on one work with young people who need it and we “match” the young person to a member of our team based on their interests and their issues.  Mentoring is just spending quality time with a child, and that can be going grocery shopping with them if they’re living independently, fishing, to the movies, for a makeover… whatever.

Mentoring usually takes place of a Thursday and Friday at the Youth Space.

The program is open to any young person, but in some instances we do need to charge for it.

We only charge for the Mentoring Program when the young person in question needs specific, extensive support that takes staff away from their assigned duties.  While we can cover for that because of the size of our team, it puts a strain on our service that we feel warrants some payment.  This is usually negotiable so don’t be afraid to ask.

Quotes are available via e-mailing us.  Our Crime Prevention Officer, Amylee, oversees this program and she can be contacted directly on 07 3283 8769.