Our Staff

Our Multiple Award Winning Staff

No pretence, no suits, no fitting square pegs into round holes.

The Youth Space is a special place and it’s staffed by an amazing team of qualified, dedicated and passionate individuals who give everything they have to the young people who need their help.

We’re a team of five people – four Youth Workers and one finance guru, and throughout any given year we’ll also have a number of Bachelor of Social Work and Diploma of Youth Work student placements on site running various projects.

We’re a busy place that sees a few hundred young people every month.  Only a hundred or so might need intensive case managed support in any month, but the rest access us because we’re a Youth Centre, and we’re all about giving young people a safe and inclusive environment to enjoy.

Why do we call our team “multiple award winners”?  Because they are.  Our organisation has won a number of regional, state and national awards over the years and some members of our team are multiple award winners in their own right for the work they have done with children, teenagers and young adults.  Every member of the team has been at the very least nominated on more than one occasion for some sort of accolade.

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Manager and Crime Prevention Officer

What’s that mean?  The Youth Space’s crime prevention officer works with young people who are referred to us by the Police, Youth Justice, Child Safety, the schools, various families – and sometimes the young people themselves.  Those young people are referred to us so we can work with them to rehabilitate them and help them avoid getting in trouble with the law.
Perks of the job: Amy loves seeing a young person who has had a rough time take old of a new opportunity and embrace positive change in their life.  Amy has a passion for young people who’ve had it rough and enjoys teaching them new skills that will help them lead a successful life.
Interesting fact about Amylee?  She loves going to live music events and has a bit of a tattoo addiction!
How long has she worked at the Youth Space?  Since early 2007.


Senior Youth Worker and 2iC

What’s that mean?  A Youth Worker is someone whose sole focus is taking care of young people who have either identified they have serious stuff going on in their lives, or have been referred to us because someone else has seen they are in trouble.
Perks of the job:  Ben loves the challenge of Youth Work.  Nothing is predictable, and you see so many different things in the job.  He loves that there is never a dull moment at the Youth Space, and that he learns as much from the young people as he does from his colleagues.
Interesting fact about Ben: He’s a mad Transformers fan, loves going out to live concerts and plays the guitar and bass.
How long has he worked at the Youth Space?  Since early 2006.