Skate park upgrade!
15 Mar. 2012

Skate park upgrade!

For a number of years now, we’ve been trying to get the Redcliffe Skate Park upgraded. As you can imagine, that’s an expensive undertaking!

Last year the young people who use the skate park banded together and, off their own back, put together a massive petition which they signed, their parents signed and a good number of the general public signed. The petition was a simple request to resurface the park which had slipped into disrepair over the years.

The young people brought the petition to us, because they weren’t too sure what to do with the hundreds of signatures they’d collected.

We drafted a letter to the CEO of Moreton Bay Regional Council and to the Mayor and sent it off, hoping for the best.

Council was so impressed with the petition and with the fact the young people had gone to all that effort, that they not only put aside money in their budget for a resurfacing, but for a basic upgrade to improve some of the park’s features.

The upgrade is underway, with the first stage having been completed a couple of months ago! In the coming weeks, the second and final stage (for now) will be finished and the Redcliffe Skate Park should be back to being a high quality facility for skateboarders, scooter riders and BMXers once again.

People power. It’s a wonderful thing – especially when it’s young people banding together to make a positive change in their community.

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