08 Dec. 2013

The Joy of Christmas Community Event!

On Sunday the 8th of December from 5pm until 8:45pm Hope Centre International will be running their annual Christmas event at the Youth Space for the second year in a row.

“The Joy of Christmas” is a signature event of the amazing Hope Centre guys, and we hope you can come on buy with the family to enjoy all of the festivities.  There will be rides and activities for the kids from 5pm, carols from 7pm and fireworks at 8:30pm.

What and who are Hope Centre?  In one word, they’re amazing.

They’re a church and a social movement who really put their money where their mouths are.  They raise funds all year round to put on these events all over the place, and they do them for free.  In Redcliffe, they not only run an event for the community but they do it to raise money for us.  US.  Not the church, but us and the work we do to rehabilitate young people who have fallen on hard times and made poor choices in their lives that require they be supported pretty extensively.

In early 2012 the Hope Centre learned we’d lost a lot of our funding because of all the cuts that occurred throughout the state as a result of the debt Queensland was in.  They knew those cuts meant we would fall on hard times and find it hard to survive and rather than say “so sad, too bad” like a lot of others did, they stepped up to the bat and offered to raise money for us and direct donations to us.  How amazing is that?  Who else does that?  In our 12 years of operation, that’s never been done for us before.

Not that we want to toot our own horns, but the work we do is essential.  We support young people who are the victims of sexual assault when they have no where else to go, we help kids recover from serious drug and alcohol addictions when everyone else has given up on them, and we work with those mentally ill young people no one else can work with.  We take the most violent and aggressive young people you could find anywhere and teach them to change their behaviours with a lot of patience and love, and we take those young people who commit crimes and do horrible things to people and rehabilitate them.  We build links into other organisations, create pathways for young people in need and we support other community organisations in every way we can.  We think the work we do is important, and thankfully so too does Hope Centre International.

So yeah, we are fans… but not because they donate money to us, but because they do this for our community.  It’s not about us, it’s about the work, and it’s just lucky we all get along so well!  They are a pretty fantastic bunch.

We’ve never met a church group like these guys, and we’ve very proud to partner with them.  We hope will become as a big a fan of them as we are.

So come on down to the event and show some love to these truly incredible people and enjoy the activities and games, the carols and the fireworks.

Special Note:  If you’re a pet owner and live near the Youth Space, please make sure you are keeping an eye on your pets around 8:30pm on Sunday night.

Presented by Hope Centre International.

Presented by Hope Centre International.

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