Together We Can

Together We Can Make a Difference in a Child's Life

Together We Can Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

The “Together We Can” fund is a joint initiative of the Redcliffe Youth Space and Chameleon Housing.

The fund has been designed as a response to the funding cuts that hit Queensland’s community sector in 2012, and to ever diminishing philanthropic funds.

The biggest donors to small community organisations are every day people like you and me.  People who aren’t rich, people who don’t run businesses, and people who are themselves struggling to make ends meet.  They know what it’s like to do it tough, and they haven’t forgotten how hard things were for them (or still are for them).

We really respect that.  It has literally moved us to tears on more than one occasion.  We’d love to see big businesses make big donations, but after 12 years of trying we’ve realised that’s just not going to happen for reasons we don’t understand.  We have outstanding outcomes and our service supports literally thousands of young people and their families every year.  Go figure!

But, despite big business not being interested, our community has been and they have never let us down.  Every week, we get donations of between $3 and $10 from every day regular people and it means the world to us.

To honour that, we’ve created “Together We Can”.  It’s short for “Together We Can All Make a Difference in a Child’s Life”.  Every cent donated to the TGC fund goes to supporting children and young people that are the victims of extreme violence and abuse.  The fund is about returning a sense of normality to those young people’s lives.  We do that by purchasing the services of specialised crisis counsellors and therapists, and by paying for stuff families escaping abuse can’t often pay for – sporting activities, school excursions and stuff like that.

If you’d like to learn more about the fund chat to our CEO, Jarryd, who came up with the crazy idea.  You can contact him via our main number on 07 3283 8769.  Alternatively he can be reached via our main e-mail address.  The details are all in the CONTACT US area of our website.

If you’d like to donate to the fund, you can do it in person or by making a direct debit into our bank account:

Redcliffe Area Youth Space
BSB: 124 067
Account Number: 105 781 32.

So we know what the mystery amount is, please put in the description section for funds transfers “Together We Can”.

Because we’re a registered charity with DGR1 status, any donation you make above $2 is tax decuctable.  If you would like a tax receipt, please contact us at  Let us know about the donation, and once we see it in our bank reconciliation at the end of each month, we’ll send a receipt to you.

Thank you for supporting our organisation.  Thank you for supporting this important initiative.  Together, we REALLY can make life better for young people who have been the victims of violence and abuse.